Surfing Canoa Ecuador

Canoa is one of Ecuador’s most upbeat surf towns. With a good beach break out front and lots of beachside restaurants and bars, there’s always something happening. If you like your beach scenes way more tranquilo, we suggest Las Tunas (see below) or Mompiche. The best season to surf Canoa is from November to March, when the weather is sunnier and the swell is coming from the north west. 


Ecuador Surf Spots: Las Tunas (45 minutes North of Montanita)

Less than an hour north of Montanita, Las Tunas is a cool little Ecuadorian surf town with a good beach break right it’s in front. When it’s flat in Montanita, it’s at least 2 feet bigger in Las Tunas. Also there’s typically only about 2 to 12 people in the water (a lot less than Montanita that’s for sure). Here’s a picture of the breach front part of the town. The town stretches up to the highway about 700 meters away and down the beach a bit. All in all the poputation is probably about 200 people.Image


Here’s a photo of the surf in front of town taken from up on the hill across the highway.


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